Hans Christian Andersen

‘Ask the Market-Dame’!

There was this carrot, as old as old,

So knobbly, so heavy and stout,

That nevertheless was so frightfully bold,

Would wed a young carrot no more than a sprout,

So sweet, her beauty scarcely in bud,

A root of the finest pure blood.

– The wedding day came.

The food and drink, priceless, lived up to its name

It cost not a single pound sterling;

They all lapped up moonlight and dined on dew,

Sniffed flower-scent too

That from field and meadow came swirling.

– Old carrot he greeted them all with a bow,

His speech like a clock went on whirring,

The words they ticked away tickety-tock;

Young carrot she sat there silent in shock,

With neither a smile nor a sigh, just a stare,

Young and fair.

If this you’d disclaim,

Ask the market-dame!

A large red cabbage performed the rite,

White turnips wore bridesmaid’s attire;

Cucumber and sparrowgrass made a fine sight,

Potatoes comprised the whole choir.

The guests all joined in when the dancing came.

Ask the market-dame!

Old carrot without shoes and stockings he pranced,

Cer-rack! he split down the middle,

Was dead on the spot, he should never have danced,

Young carrot, entranced,

Found this turn of good fortune a riddle.

She was a widow now, happy was she,

Now she could be what she wanted to be,

She could swim young and fair in a soup tureen,

Quite serene.

If this you’d disclaim,

Ask the market-dame!



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Hans Christian Andersen: Førstetrykket. Udg. af [INFO OM 18-binds-udgaven 2003-2009...] for Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab. Digitaliseret af Holger Berg til sitet hcandersen.dk